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boxfullove beauty :: Glossybox review :: February 2014

Welcome to the second edition of boxfullove's February catch-up posts!  I still have a stack of last month's boxes piled up in the living-room and waiting for their turn in the spotlight.  Bear with me as I go through them over the next few days.  We have some serious unboxing to do!

I thought we'd get started with February's Glossybox, since it was one of my favorites last month, and because pawing through one of these gorgeous boxes is always so much girly, producty fun.

Some of you may already have picked up on my packaging obsession.  There are few things I love more than a beautifully designed, carefully arranged box or product or package.  Maybe I was an industrial designer in another life.    

As you can see, Glossybox is a packaging nerd's dream.  It's flawlessly color-coordinated, ribboned, crinkled-paper-filled, tissue-paper-wrapped, and arranged month after month.  I don't think I've ever had a disappointing unboxing with these guys, and that's saying something for a serial sub boxer.

February was all pink and black and white, down to the product curation.  See what I mean?  Pure packaging porn.

On top of the visual gorgeousness, I received three full-size products and two deluxe samples.

Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier for Color-Treated Hair
$24 for 6.7 fl oz. Sample is 1 fl oz, or about $3.58.

My pores and I are huge fans of skin primers, but had never actually heard of hair primers until receiving this bottle in the Glossybox.  The info card says this product will "prime, protect, and perfect" color-treated hair, which sounds like a good all-around deal to me.

$18.00 for this full-size (0.5 fl oz) bottle.

This ballerina-pink polish was one of the spoilers leaked before the release of the February box, and what a smart marketing move it was. This little bottle is totally irresistible, and just as pretty in real life as it looks in photographs.  Your nails should be well-covered with two coats, and the shade is really wearable and, I'd think, pretty versatile (light pinks usually look washed-out on me, but this one acted as a great neutral).

$49 for full-size which, on the Glossybox site, is 0.5 fl oz. That said, the sample I got was 25 mL, which is about 0.8 fl oz, so I'm thinking the full-size volume may be listed incorrectly on the site.  Anyone?

This little multitasker is labeled "for mature skin," which is a little preemptive -- come on, Glossybox, give me another 10-15 years before chalking me up as an oldie!  Still, I am beginning to notice slight fine lines at the edges of my eyes, so I guess it's never too early. (That's what you were going for, right, Glossybox? Prevention.  ...Right?) 

$11 for two sets of patches. This was a full-size sample.

Leave it to funky, forward-thinking, out-of-the-box British beauty company Anatomicals to concoct these brilliant, punny little patches.  I haven't had a chance to check them out yet, but I've heard great things about their bag-slaying properties (hee), so I know they'll come in handy on a Monday morning in the very near future. 

It looks like the boyfriend/official photographer wasn't too wowed by the final item in the box, the Kala Color Intense Eye Pencil, because he completely overlooked it during his unsupervised photo shoot!  Ha!  (He did an amazing job anyway, right?)  You guys can still see it in the fifth picture from the top, though, to the right of the other box contents.  This is a black crayon-style eyeliner, very richly pigmented and very easy to apply.  A girl can never have too much eyeliner, can she?  My pencil was full-sized, and a $15 value.

After guesstimating the price of the Renu eye cream at a conservative $15, I'm coming up with a total box value of about $62, which is excellent as usual, considering this sub is only $21 per month.

If you're as starry-eyed about this box as I was and would like to sign up for Glossybox, please feel free to use my affiliate link to get started. (Thank you!)

What did you think about the February Glossybox?  Did you get a different version?

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