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Boxfullove news + updates :: ShoeDazzle, Bespoke Post, Julep, and all the Mints

It's the first of the month!  Which means new box releases, new collections, new coupons, and probably taking advantage of a few skip-the-month options (consider this a friendly reminder).

Here's a roundup of today's significant goings-on.

ShoeDazzle February collection

left to right: Nadira heels, Ramsay bag, Marshale booties

I've had some trouble identifying which shoes are new this month, exactly, because the New Arrival Shoes tab is missing from the links menu, replaced by tabs that'll take you straight to ShoeDazzle's bananas $25 boot and bootie sale.  There's a tab for new bags and a tab for new accessories, though; and I'm certain the two gorgeous pairs pictured above are brand-new, too, or I would've already had my eye on them.

Remember that, as of last month, ShoeDazzle VIP members will need to skip the month before the 6th unless they want to be charged $39.95 for a monthly credit.  If you don't mind the charge, you don't have to do anything, and are free to spend your credit on any shoe, bag, or accessory on the site.      

Julep Secret Store

If you purchased the Julep Maven February box you'll have access to this Maven-only secret store for 72 hours, starting today.  The secret store features a selection of Julep products at a deep discount, as well as the new February Birthstone Collection polish, Rosa:

Rosa is a beauty!  I love the gold cap, and kind of wish all Julep polishes came adorned with one, but I guess that would make the Birthstone Collection less unique.  Here's a swatch pic:

So pretty.  Rosa is a "full-coverage multidimensional holographic glitter" polish, and is $11.20 while in the secret store.  Extra awesomeness: Since we're also celebrating Black History Month in February, Julep named this polish Rosa after civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks.  This polish is exclusive to the secret store, at least for now.

Other secret store specials include the Surprise! Color Rush Lip Gloss for $16 (regularly $20), the Freedom Polymer Top Coat for $9.99 (regularly $18), assorted individual polishes and polish sets, and a super-practical Tools of the Trade set for $44.99, which includes a Color Caddy (regularly $30) and a Well-Manicured Kit (regularly $50).  The Tools of the Trade set is seriously tempting me, because I desperately need a polish organizer that doesn't involve repurposed shoeboxes, and because those sleek mani tools just beckon.  I went a little crazy with the February box add-ons, though, so I may have to pass.  Sigh!

If you're new to Julep and decide to sign up, use code FREEBOX to get your first Maven box free.

JewelMint, StyleMint, ShoeMint, and IntiMint February Collections

If you're not familiar with the Mints, you can click through any of the links above to learn more about each.  They're referral links, so if you decide to sign up and make a purchase, I'll get some points to apply towards future purchases, and you'll get seriously good karma.  They each work similarly to ShoeDazzle: each month, they release a new collection of jewelry and accessories, clothing, shoes, and intimates, respectively.  You have five days from the first of the month to skip, or you get charged the price of a credit, which you can then use toward any item on the site.  Occasionally the Mints, which are owned by the same parent company, have cross-Mint sales; generally, however, if you have a credit for JewelMint you have to spend it at JewelMint, and so forth.  

JewelMint Sphinx stone ring :: $29.99

JewelMint also announced today that their collaboration with designer Erin Fetherston, who I love, will be released on February 3:

If her clothes are any indication, her jewelry should be fun, flirty, elegant, and beautifully crafted.  I'm going to go ahead and make an educated guess that the tiny rose gold fox ears ring we see above will be once of the pieces in the collection.  I'm not sure I'd wear it, but it's definitely playful and cute.  We shall see. 

If you're new to JewelMint, use code B1G1 at checkout to get two pieces for the price of one.  

StyleMint Lee Coren block cotton gauze scarf :: $51
ShoeMint Tasha :: $119.98

ShoeMint announced this month that, from February forward, they will be revamping showrooms to include over 70 pairs of shoes to choose from (not sure how many pairs showrooms contained before, to be honest, but it was more along the lines of 12).  They're calling these mega showrooms.  So far, the quality of the design and fabrication has remained consistently good, so I hope that the uptick in volume won't have a negative effect.  So far, so good: I wasn't dying over anything in particular this month, but they did have a few cute bootie offerings (I'm still totally in winter boot mode, even in this balmy South Florida weather).

IntiMint Cosabella Surfside One Piece

IntiMint has been collaborating with Italian lingerie brand Cosabella for a few months now, and they released a new capsule collection for February as well, broader in scope this time, featuring undies, sleepwear, loungewear, and swimwear.

Bespoke Post February Box

This month, men's lifestyle sub Bespoke Post is featuring its Swagger box ($45), which is filled with... socks.

They're really cool socks, mind you, all from Etiquette Clothiers, purveyors of "the world's most proper basics" per their website. And I believe them!  The above socks look handsome indeed, and I know plenty of guys who are into rocking quirky lower-legwear (is there a male equivalent term for hosiery?), but I think if I were to get his for my guy (his birthday's coming up), he'd just stare at me blankly.

If you'd rather not invest in Swagger this month, Bespoke Post is offering up two alternatives: Made ($45), for the dapper gent in your life; and Heritage ($45), which I think will be much more my guy's speed.  Here they are:    

Double-sided chambray bow tie by Everett Clothing
Brass "Links II" cufflinks by J. L. Lawson
Fabric lapel flower by hook+Albert
Blue-gray chambray pocket square by Blank Label

Leather valet tray by Bespoke Post 
Saddle tan leather key fob by Makr
Bravado Solid Cologne by Alfred Lane
Orange and black notebook set by Word.

Whew!  And there you have it: a myriad sub-boxy things to be tempted by in February.  Got your eye on any specific piece or box?  

Over the next few days, look out for Graze, ShoeDazzle, Indiespensable, and Madison Reed reviews.  And don't mind my crazy posting hours -- I'm just writing around my nutty job's nuttier schedule and my sleep deprivation jags!  Keeps things interesting, doesn't it?

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