Monday, January 27, 2014

Boxfullove big reveals :: Limited-edition La Prairie Glossybox unmasked

boxfullove's inaugural post, waaaay back on January 17, was all about sneak-peeking into Glossybox's fabled La Prairie limited-edition set.  Only three out of the included five products had been revealed at that point: a foam cleanser, a cellular refining lotion, and an "essence of skin caviar" (this still trips me out) eye complex.  I speculated about the identity of the remaining two products, which I hoped might be La Prairie's brand-new, fresh-out-of-the-lab dry skin oil and a cellular ice crystal cream.  

Well, today I speculate no more: here's the big reveal!

YES! The two mystery products were the dry oil and the ice crystal cream! Woo! I'm super excited to try them!

The only downside --and it's a big one-- is that the La Prairie Glossybox sold out completely this morning, in record time.  I was lucky enough to lock one down during the pre-order window, around the time I posted about it, but I'd hoped to get a second one to gift.  Oh well!

Did you manage to get a La Prairie box?  What do you think about the dry oil and the ice crystal cream? 

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